Our dairy cattle, poultry and hog raising are devotedly carried on daily by our Sisters


Candle making, Hosts, sewing Mass vestments & many other crafts provide additional support. 
                Outreach Programs
We engage in collaborative services with others to provide a wide variety of services through our Chipole Development Programs. In one program, we work with area youth to provide community building recreation and meaningful training and capacity building activities


We staff and administer schools from K-12 to Trade Schools. Our Secondary Schools focus on preparing young women for advanced studies and/or skills for self-sufficiency and independent living. Our trade schools feature tailoring, shoemaking, electrical engineering, mechanics, carpentry, and plumbing for both boys and girls.


Since our earliest days, we have placed many of our Sisters in Health Care services. We fulfill a great need as we have the only health care facility for 8 villages in the Chipole area. Our Sister physicians, nurses, pharmacists treat all common tropical diseases. In October 2013 our nearly completed new Health Center was suddenly and completely destroyed by fire. A great loss for both the Sisters and the thousands of Tanzanians in the area. Fundraising to rebuild is underway...Join Us!

Benedictine Sisters of St Agnes
Chipole, Tanzania


Our dairy cattle, poultry and hog raising are devotedly carried on daily by our Sisters.
                Orphans and Vulnerable Children
Responding to the growing number of HIV/AIDS orphans we have two programs: 

  1. The Community-Based program provides assistance to enable orphans to remain within their village neighborhoods.
  2. The Full Care Orphanage cares for those infants who are simply left with our Sisters.

          The Benedictine Tradition of

                    Self- Sufficiency

Almost all of our basic daily needs are met by our community members.  We farm: planting, cultivating and harvesting both our food crops and all the staples from our gardens.  All by hand but most rewarding, because it’s done as a community.